Online-discussion: «Independent qualification assessment in Russia: features, prospects and trends in 2023»

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Завершен: 17.03.2023 10:00 (Мск)

Today, in order to be a real professional in demand in the job market, it is no longer enough to get an education, it is necessary to constantly improve professional competencies, be ready to perform new labor functions.

To identify the degree of readiness of a professional to perform new labor functions related to changes in the profession, new forms of assessment are needed. One of these forms is the independent assessment of professional qualifications (NOK).

Successful completion of the NOK allows a specialist to confirm his qualifications, regardless of the method of obtaining it, expand employment opportunities, get admission to certain types of work.

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Почему стоит принять участие
1 Let's tell you what an independent qualification assessment is
2 Let's analyze for whom an independent assessment of qualifications is mandatory
3 Let's explain the practice of conducting an independent assessment of qualifications
4 We will discuss the requirements of NOSTROY and NOPRIZ for specialists of National registries
5 We will answer the questions of the participants of the online discussion live
Приглашенные спикеры
Svetlana Shevchenko
Svetlana Shevchenko
Vice-President of the All-Russian Intersectoral Association of Employers Safety and Quality Association, Rector of the Institute for Advanced Training TechnoProgress, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Ключевые темы
Features of independent qualification assessment of in the field of labor protection, construction, fire safety, energy, lifting structures and vertical transport.
Draft professional standard "Occupational Health and Safety Training Specialist"
Independent qualifications assessment - is the procedure voluntary or mandatory?
Prospects for the development of the system of independent qualifications assessment in modern Russia.
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