Independent Qualifications Assessment. New requirements of the Town-Planning Code of the Russian Federation for specialists in the National Registers (NOSTROY, NOPRIZ)

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Завершен: 17.03.2023 14:30 (Мск)

From September 1, 2022, a mandatory independent qualifications assessment (IQA) was introduced for all persons who are included or claim to be included in the National Register of Specialists (NRS) Organization of engineering surveys, architectural and building design, organization of construction.

If earlier the specialists of National Registers of Specialists had to improve their skills, now in accordance with the Town-planning Code of the Russian Federation, they must undergo an independent qualification assessment at least once every 5 years and confirm their compliance with professional standards.

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Для кого это мероприятие
Heads of enterprises and organizations
Managers and specialists of labor protection services
Heads of the Personnel Department
Business owners
Individual entrepreneurs
Occupational safety specialists
Почему стоит принять участие
1 Let's tell you what an independent qualification assessment is
2 Let's analyze for whom an independent assessment of qualifications is mandatory
3 Let's explain the practice of conducting an independent assessment of qualifications
4 We will discuss the requirements of NOSTRA and NORIZ to the specialists of National Registries
5 We will answer the questions of the participants of the online discussion live
Ключевые темы
What is an Independent Qualification Assessment (IQA) and how is it related to the National Register of Specialists (NRS)?
For whom is an Independent Qualification Assessment mandatory?
What problems may arise for specialists included in the NRS (NOSTROY / NOPRIZ) if they do not confirm their qualifications according to the new rules?
The practice of conducting an independent assessment of qualifications: testing, practical tasks, portfolio. In person or remotely?
Requirements of NOSTROY and NOPRIZ for specialists of National registries. Is there any differences in the requirements of NRS and IQAs?
Приглашенные спикеры
Alexander Khalimovsky
Alexander Khalimovsky
President of the All-Russian Association of Employers Safety and Quality Association, a member of the Working Group on technical regulation in the construction industry under the Government Commission for Regional Development in the Russian Federation, Honorary Builder of Russia.
Svetlana Shevchenko
Svetlana Shevchenko
Vice-President of the All-Russian Intersectoral Association of Employers Safety and Quality Association, Rector of the Institute for Advanced Training TechnoProgress, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
Elena Zhuchkova
Elena Zhuchkova
Director of the Association SRO ALLIANCE OF BUILDERS, a Member of the Public Council under the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostechnadzor)
Victor Chizhma
Victor Chizhma
Deputy General Director of LLC "Intersectoral Qualification Assessment Center "TECHNOPROGRESS"
Alexey Ananchenko
Alexey Ananchenko
Expert of LLC Moscow Center for Qualifications Assessment TechnoProgress, Advisor to the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAACS), a member of the Union of Architects of Russia, an expert of the Urban Development Council of St. Petersburg
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